Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Ketchup

Ev thought that when I said, "Mommy's playing catch-up on her blog," that I said, "Mommy's playing ketchup on her blog".

Catchy title, I thought. Perhaps enough to get people to look at boring family photos. Plus, if I started with "summer: part 1" like everyone else, I may soon
find myself with "summer: part 263"

So here's a brief photo hi
story of the start of our summer - in May.
(You did catch that I was behind, right?)

Well, courtesy of the grandparen
ts, we took a vacation to southern California.

We went to the largest hu
man-trap ever set by a mouse. It was great and Ev loved it there.
What am I saying? I loved it there! (Yeah, kind of a freak for that place......but I get it from my mom).

We had lots of fun and Ev was able to go on almost everything. He says that he loved the Matterhorn the best, but I think Splash Mountain was a close second considering how many times we went on it.

Here we are the first time we went on it (with my brother-in-law and his daughter in front). (If you can see it very well).
And here is how soaking wet we were after riding it more than a few times right before closing. Ev was cold and became a miniature dark sith lord in my hooded black jacket. "Your [Disneyland] training is now complete."
We also visited California Adventure.
Everett rode some bugs,

watched some bugs,

and found Wall-E.

And here is Universal Studios.

Here is Ev's "red carpet" pose.

And here are the boys "monkey-ing" around.

The favorite place there was Curious George's ballroom where there is a continuous ball fight taking place. I only have videos of that place, but they are choosing to be uncooperative.

Another one of our stops was to Seaworld, but I guess big fish aren't exciting enough to warrant least that's what my camera seems to think cause I know I took some there.
Oh well, I'm sure y'all are pictured out anyhow.

Maybe I'll be good and go another three months before posting more of them.