Monday, October 29, 2012

Arrrgh! There do be Halloween Pirates in this Post!

"This is Halloween....This is Halloween!"  My daughter can't stop singing those words.  Cute, but also hoping she stops after Halloween.
And this year for Halloween we are going ...
(I know, we missed the bandwagon on the cool factor (though I did it when the eye-patch was in, also.  But pirates are new for the kids).

I'll have to post pictures of our trick-or-treat house when I figure out what I'm doing...and if it turns out, of course.  But since I had to carve pumpkins early for a pumpkin carving demonstration, I think I'll just share some Halloween fun early. These are the first two pumpkins. (I'm still deciding on what to do for the others).

 (The flames looks a little funky, but it's because it's on a round surface).

And below....some cute pirate children. (Don't let their looks fool you....they will pilfer all your candy).

"Candy!  Or a taste of me broadsword!"

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