Monday, October 15, 2012

Part Deux - Angry "Bird"day Party

So this year, it wasn't hard to come up with a theme.

Angry Birds.

They play it, they buy them in all forms. In fact, sometimes I think I know my children are part Angry Bird.  Once, when throwing their stuffed birds around the bedroom, there was a pig casualty...a glass-pig-full-of-money casualty.

So an Angry "Bird"day party in their honor wasn't too hard to settle on.

Here are the pictures!

 We did the table in bright colors.  I had planned many more elaborate things, but I had been sick the week before (Boo!).  One thing I had wanted to do was a really cool sling shot  My son (without me knowing) put the sling shot from his Angry Bird game on the table.

 This year I did make some short cuts in buying things, but for the most part I made everything.  We made cupcakes (with sprinkles in the batter so you have smatterings of color inside) topped with rich butter cream frosting and colored sugar.

The nests are Peanut Butter Special K treats made using the cupcake pan to shape them.  I didn't use the chocolate topping and instead placed "golden eggs" inside (aka peanut m&m's).
Here is the link for the recipe.

 The cupcakes are homemade (with sprinkles in the batter to make colorful smatterings within) and topped with a rich butter cream frosting and colored sugar.

I made the pig structure out of boxes (Capri Sun ones are a good size) wrapped in paper grocery sacks or brown craft paper.  I made it look like wood by taking a marker to it.  Super easy.
Angry Bird fruit snacks were actually a hit with all the kids.
The TNT box is a clear square container made to look crate-like using coconut wafer cookies.

The pigs I made (above) are lime jello popcorn balls.  I did add a little neon green food coloring to the sugar mix when I made it to punch up the color.  These are also super easy.  Here is a link to my favorite popcorn ball recipe:,1813,159172-228203,00.html

We also did candy bags full of more sugary yumminess. (My relatives probably hate me for giving so much sugar to their kids right before the long drive home from our house).

For the food portion of the party we made Angry Bird pizza.  You can make it homemade and put little feathers on top and all that, but it was easiest to buy a take-and-bake pizza.  I just ordered pepperoni ones and then moved the pepperoni from the tummy area and up onto the body. The I cut rounds of mozzarella cheese for the eyes (hint: fresh kind is already round in shape), and a square of cheddar cheese (cut in half) for the beak.  Add some sliced olive pupils and eyebrows.  Voila!

before baking
after baking (still looks good and everyone loved it)

This is a terrible picture, but we also decorated around the house with Angry Birds.

(Does it make the guests sitting in the chairs below targets?)

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