Thursday, October 11, 2012

"B" is for Birthday Parties (part 1)

So, I said I would post pictures of the un-birthday parties I have done for Ev and Princess Squiggles. Because Squiggles is young, I figured we could get away with joint birthday parties for now.  (I don't know how it will be possible when she's older. Unless my son agrees to Lego men wearing princess tiaras...)

Anyway. Last year we did the "Very Merry Un-Birthday" theme.

The Mad Hatter's hat with the date of the party
The opposite side had the party details.

The great thing about this party is that my son went along with the idea.  He thought it was cool that we were doing an un-birthday, and after showing him Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" movie, he was on board.  We went with a green (for him) and pink (for her) color palette.

We also did away with the traditional birthday cake.
 (Do you find it disgusting that we have people blow at flaming cakes?  Or is that just me?)

Anyway, here are some pictures of the dessert table we did instead.

 It was a first attempt at an Amy Atlas-inspired table spread in the pinks and greens we chose to go with.

I really considered making an Alice in Wonderland inspired cake with multiple tiers.  You know, the bright and colorful ones where it looks like the tiers are tipping.? Very whimsical.  However, I didn't feel really up to the challenge.

......yup, Hostess cupcakes.  They did fit the bill though.  They looked like the ones I remember seeing in one of the many Alice movies.  Plus, being cheap and easy?  Totally.

 For the rest of the dessert table, we did other little baked confections that one might see at a tea party.  We had various cookies, donuts, and candy.

(We also had sandwiches, but you won't see them here on the dessert table).

For drinks, I had found little glass teacups at the D.I. (aka goodwill).  I bought twelve of them, no two being the same in design.  I plan on re-using them for other parties and bought little tasting spoons so I can put puddings or other small tasting items in them. (At least, that's what I told my husband (and myself)).

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