Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So here is our Halloween...

It started with me sending a surprise Halloween lunch with my son.
(Thank goodness school was serving something he hated).
 We had a ghost PB sandwich, a mummy juice box (made with white electrical tape and googly eyes....(Make sure remove the straw and punch a hole through the tape or they won't be drinking your awesome creation!)
carrots, little pumpkin orange, and "pumpkin poop" (aka cheese balls) and peeps for dessert.

While my son was at school, I got to work on the house.

"X" marks the spot to the Halloween booty!

Here's what it looked like at night...
The windows were filled with orange flickering LED candles and the front window was filled with a scene of a treasure chest, gold coins and jewels, candles, books, and other pirate things.  We also borrowed some torches which we stuck in our yard and I made glass jar lanterns that we hung along the path.
And yes, we don't give out candy.  Having a sign out front really seemed to keep teenagers away this year.

But here are our final pumpkins....

Above is my son's rendition of a cannon ball splintering wood.  Pretty good considering he carved it all by himself.....with the need of a band-aid only once.

I had to re-carve my pirate ship...the other one didn't survive longer than a week...unlike the pirate skull one seen above.  (Almost 2 weeks alive, baby!)

 We put a color changing light in the pirate ship pumpkin.  It would go dark and flash a different color each time (red, blue, green, etc).  Made it look like the ship was appearing out of nowhere or that cannon fire was lighting it up.  Got lots of compliments on it.

And here is the Jack Sparrow pumpkin.  He turned out pretty well also and people thought a machine had made it.  Nope!  My blistered fingers did!  At least I'm done for another year!

Hope your Halloween was fun, too!  
Excuse me now while I go and pillage a Snickers from my kid's treat sack.  Arrrgh!

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